How Does It Work

Unlike conventional seals, the enhanced design of the Ostoform Seal includes a non-absorbent spout which effectively directs stoma output away from your skin and into your ostomy appliance.

Consequently, your skin is better protected and if already damaged, heals quicker and more effectively.

The Ostoform Seal comes in various sizes to help fit different stoma shapes.

Easy To Use

Because the FLOWASSIST attachment is not tacky to handle it can be positioned more easily than regular seals. Use the Ostoform Seal in 3 simple steps:
1 – Hold the spout and place it snug against your stoma.
2 – Wrap the arms around your stoma for a snug fit.
3 – Press firmly to secure in place.

Secure Attachment

The Ostoform Seal has a unique positioning slot which ensures an accurate, secure attachment of your pouch. This practical design allows for the use of both regular and convex pouches resulting in a reduced risk of leaks.

Assisted Flow

Regular seals are often broken down by stoma output, which then contacts your skin, resulting in irritation and discomfort. However, the FLOWASSIST attachment ensures that stoma output flows away from your skin, keeping it safe, healthy and comfortable.

Longer Wear Time

Because the FLOWASSIST attachment has been designed to protect the skin-friendly hydrocolloid from erosion, the Ostoform Seal lasts longer than regular seals. This ensures a longer appliance wear time and a reduced number of pouch changes.

“I love it, it’s the only thing that works for me.”
43-year-old female with ileostomy

“A marvelous invention”
77-year-old female with ileostomy

“Excellent, easy to handle”
50-year-old male with ileostomy

“… it fits snug around the stoma, a good idea”
51-year-old female with ileostomy

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