Absolutely the best product I have used in 22 years of having an ileostomy. It is the first time I have experienced total comfort and complete confidence; no leaking or excoriated skin around the stoma.

- Aideen, Ireland

I used the Ostoform Seal on vacation this past week …. I had no irritation and had five-day weartime which is one day more than usual. Great new product.

- Kevin, USA

I am very happy with the Ostoform Seal. It is absolutely perfect for what I need... I will be using them in the future. They are a great relief as my skin gets irritated. I found them easy to use and overall, work very well.

- Amy, Ireland

Using regular seals, I experience leakage from time to time as the acidity of the output wears awaythe skin barrier. I did not experience a leak during my limited time with the Ostoform Seal. It doeswhat it says, directs the flow into the bag.

- Adrian, Ireland

High liquid volume is a big problem for me as this can have me changing even twice a day. When Iexperimented with the Ostoform Seal, I no longer had the fear of liquid making its way beneath thebase plate as FLOWASSIST helps to direct it away and does not let it puddle and leak in around thestoma… I am happy to have discovered this product as it provides me with much-needed security formanaging a stoma with a high liquid output.

- Phoebe, USA


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