elderly couple sitting outside cafe laughing.
woman doing yoga
man playing tennis

It’s about life.

Regular, old, everyday life.

The ordinary and the extraordinary.

Just doing what you love to do.

And it’s about living that life without hesitation, or a mind preoccupied with worry, awkwardness and discomfort.

It’s about a life that most people take for granted.

And you get to do that, too.

With security and dignity.

Comfortable in your own skin.

We created the Ostoform Seal so you don’t have to worry about skin irritation or leaks and instead just focus on the wonder that is,

Your life.

man waiting at airport departure lounge with luggage
woman with grandson smiling while taking a selfie
Man walking his dog in countryside
computer monitor showing blueprints of the Ostoform Seal with FLOWASSIST protection

Solving the Problem

Ostoform was born out of a need to improve skin health and quality of life for people who have an ostomy. We have set ourselves the challenge of solving problems experienced by those who must regularly cope with damaged peristomal skin.