• Non-absorbent FLOWASSIST shields the skin and Seal adhesive from exposure to stoma output.
  • Prevents Break down of hydrocolloid so the Seal lasts longer.
  • Helps prevent leakage and prologs adhesive performance.
Moldable Hydrocolloid
  • Skin-friendly, longer lasting material.
  • Can mold and shape for optimal fit.
  • Split ring enables an accurate, secure fit.
  • Soft, flexible FLOWASSIST spout directs out away from the skin and into the pouch.
  • Ostoform Seal can be rotated and positioned for the spout to align with individual stoma openings.

Why it’s Unique

Regular seals are often broken down by stoma output, which then seeps through to the skin, causing irritation and discomfort.

FLOWASSIST Seal protects the adhesive from excessive absorption and erosion while directing output into the pouch to help prevent leaks and provide enhanced skin protection.


Helps prevent leaks


Can help provide longer appliance wear time


Enhanced skin protection


Clinically proven to protect peristomal skin

How Does It Work


Assisted Flow

The FLOWASSIST spout ensures that stoma output flows away from your skin, keeping it safe, healthy and comfortable.


Longer Wear Time

Because FLOWASSIST has been designed to protect the skin-friendly hydrocolloid from erosion, the Ostoform Seal can last longer than regular seals. This can provide longer appliance wear time and a reduced number of pouch changes.

Easy To Use

Because the FLOWASSIST attachment is not tacky to handle it can be positioned more easily than regular seals.

Secure Attachment

The Ostoform Seal has a unique positioning slot which ensures an accurate, secure attachment of your pouch. This practical design allows for the use of both regular and convex pouches resulting in a reduced risk of leaks.

Hear from our Customers

Every day, more and more people are realising the benefits of switching to FLOWASSIST.

ostoform hear from our customers
OSTOMATE • Jackie, Ireland

I was sick in bed with some virus and when I finally changed my bag after lying flat for three days, the skin was perfect, not a mark! Another time I was in hospital very sick and unable to move. I got bed baths but the bag was left in place for five days and when it was eventually removed, my skin was fine, no burns or leaks after lying flat for five days. I am more than happy to recommend FLOWASSIST to anyone with a liquid output, as it’s the best Seal I’ve used.


FLOWASSIST has been a game-changer for every patient I have tried it on. I keep it in stock at the hospital now. I have shared this product with our local WOC community because I have been so impressed with the outcomes!


I have an ileostomy with large output. I had been changing my appliance every two days with lots of skin breakdown. Now with the creation of the FLOWASSIST Seal I am getting 4-5 days of wear time and my skin looks better than it has looked in years. I want to thank all those involved in the creation of the FLOWASSIST. It has really changed my life.

OSTOMATE • Jannetta, USA

I recently had ileostomy surgery. After the surgery, I could not seem to stop the leaking and my skin breakdown was getting worse. After finding the FLOWASSIST Seal my skin has had a chance to heal. I was having leakage multiple times a day, sometimes every 15 minutes. I can now get 5-7 days wear time using the FLOWASSIST Seal. My skin is now healing, and I am able to use bags longer without leaks!!!


This is such an innovative barrier ring. The directional flow makes a tremendous difference in draining liquid effluent in the pouch rather than undermine the barrier. Brilliant!


After trying several products to help with persistent leakage due to the direction of my stoma, this seal has so far succeeded….I have had no leakages at all. The seal fits snug around my stoma and is comfortable. The small plastic ‘chute’ that sits under my stoma I imagined to feel hard and stiff but in fact it is soft and flexible so you can’t feel it if you run your fingers over the bag, your clothes sit smoothly over. I feel safe and secure with this product, I am not as anxious as I was.


I have to say that the samples you sent have been used by a few patients with great results! We have one patient in particular who had an ostomy revision and due to scar tissue, the stoma sits flush to her skin causing constant leaking. Very rarely could she go 12 hours or more without a leak. With the FLOWASSIST Seal, she had a better result and less skin breakdown…


What a wonderful product! I was having so much problems trying to keep my colostomy bag from leaking due to the weight loss and the folds in my skin where the stoma was located. Your product with the FLOWASSIST spout helped the stool from seeping out the sides of the stoma bag! This was a great idea for people such as myself who were going through at least two stoma bags a day before I tried your product! Thank you for making my life a bit easier!


As an RN with wound care experience, I find the FLOWASSIST Seal to be revolutionary for ostomy care. I am absolutely impressed with the security we’ve experienced using the FLOWASSIST Seal.

OSTOMATE • Aideen, Ireland

Absolutely the best product I have used in 22 years of having an ileostomy. It is the first time I have experienced total comfort and complete confidence; no leaking or excoriated skin around stoma.


High liquid Volume is a big problem for me as this can have me changing even twice a day. When I experimented with the FLOWASSIST Seal, I no longer had the fear of liquid making its way beneath the baseplate as FLOWASSIST helps to direct it away and does not let it puddle and leak around the stoma… I am happy to have discovered this product as it provides me with much needed security for managing a stoma with a high liquid output.

OSTOMATE • Adrian, Ireland

I had a thoroughly positive experience with the FLOWASSIST Seal. I require a convex pouch as my skin is somewhat uneven… Using regular seals, I experience leakage from time to time as the acidity of the output wears away the skin barrier. I did not experience a leak during my limited time with the FLOWASSIST Seal. It does what it says, directs the flow into the bag.

OSTOMATE • Sara, Ireland

I was really pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the Ostoform Seal! I say this because in general I have really good wear time from my appliances, and do not typically have many issues with output going under the seal, etc. That said, I found the FLOWASSIST Seal to work really well for me! My wear time was about the same as with other seals I have used, but I found that the Seal held up really well for 5-7 days of wear, without melting away as some of the seals do. I also have very sensitive skin and am allergic to many adhesives and my skin did fine with the FLOWASSIST Seal. I’m looking forward to continuing to use the product in the future.

OSTOMATE • Amy, Ireland

I am very happy with the FLOWASSIST Seal. It is absolutely perfect for what I need! As I have only recently had surgery, I am pretty new as to what is available. I will be using them in the future. They are a great relief as my skin gets irritated. I found them easy to use and overall, work very well.

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image of flowassist seal with spout that directs output into pouch

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