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A Practical Look at the Novel FLOWASSIST Barrier Ring and Its Indications For Use in the Stoma Care Setting.

Poster Presented at ASCN UK 2023 by Mary W Quigley, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Stoma Care/Colorectal, Galway University Hospital Ireland

Game Changer: Use of an Innovative Spouted Hydrocolloid Ostomy Barrier Seal to Manage a High Output Ileostomy

Poster Presented at the Mid-Atlantic WOCN Conference 2023, by Keisha McElveen-Edmonds MS, BSN, RN, CWON, Baltimore VA Medical Center Baltimore, Maryland

An Innovative Combination Ostomy Barrier Seal and Spout to Reduce Peri-Stomal Skin Complications

Poster Presented at WOCNext 2022 by Catherine T. Milne MSN, APRN, ANP/ACNS-BC, CWOCN-AP, Connecticut Clinical Nursing Associates, Bristol, Connecticut

UK Case Study Compilation Highlighting Various Ostomy Challenges that were Successfully Supported by the Ostoform Seal with FLOWASSIST

Case studies carried out by qualified stoma care professionals in collaboration with Rhodes Pharma Ltd., Ostoform’s UK distribution partner.

Case Studies Carried Out on Enterocutaneous Fistulas (Off-Label Use) in The Netherlands

Case studies carried out on two patients with Enterocutaneous Fistulas. Case studies were carried out by stoma care professionals in collaboration with Wellform, Ostoform’s distribution partner in the Netherlands.