How the Ostoform Seal Helped Maggie Baldwin (Let’s Talk IBD) Prevent Skin Breakdown Around Her Stoma

In the world of ostomy care, skin breakdown around the stoma is a common challenge that many individuals face. Maggie Baldwin, who has experienced this issue firsthand, shares her journey and the solution she found to prevent skin breakdown. In her video titled “The Skin Around My Stoma Was So Painful! | Preventing Skin Breakdown | Let’s Talk IBD,” Maggie highlights the effectiveness of the Ostoform Seal with FLOWASSIST in maintaining skin health. Let’s delve into her experience and discover how the Ostoform Seal became a game-changer for her.

Preventing Skin Breakdown with the Ostoform Seal with FLOWASSIST:

Maggie emphasizes that preventing skin breakdown is far easier than attempting to fix it after it has already occurred. She recounts a time when the consistency of her stoma output caused irritation and discomfort. The thin output was seeping under her flange, leading to flange breakdown. It was during this period that she was introduced to the Ostoform Seal with FLOWASSIST, a unique solution that directs output away from the skin, helping to prevent excessive absorption and erosion.

Maggie was pleasantly surprised by the rapid healing of her skin after just a few uses of the Ostoform Seal. By effectively blocking output from reaching the skin beneath the flange, it prevented further breakdown. She highlights the simplicity of applying the Ostoform Seal, demonstrating the process in her video. Cutting her flange to size, including room for the FLOWASSIST piece, Maggie presses the seal flush with her stoma and wraps the tabs around it, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. She then places her flange over the Ostoform Seal, ensuring the FLOWASSIST is properly aligned. The low-profile design of the Ostoform Seal appealed to Maggie, as she prefers to keep her ostomy as discreet as possible.

The Ostoform Seal with FLOWASSIST: A Clinically Proven Solution:

Maggie underscores the clinical effectiveness of the Ostoform Seal, which has been proven to work in preventing skin breakdown. She highly recommends trying a sample of the product, acknowledging the support and collaboration she received from Ostoform in ensuring its efficacy and her understanding of its functionality. Watch the video below to learn more about Maggie’s experience using the Seal.

Additional Tips for Optimal Adherence and Skin Health:

Alongside the Ostoform Seal, Maggie shares some valuable tips to enhance adherence and prevent skin breakdown with your ostomy appliance. She highlights the importance of thoroughly cleaning the skin surrounding the stoma, even though it may initially be daunting for new ostomy patients. Maggie’s confidence in cleaning her skin properly grew over time, and she discovered that removing old residue significantly improved flange adhesion.

Maggie advises against using oily products and emphasizes the necessity of ensuring the skin is completely dry before applying the flange. Moisture can compromise the adhesive properties, making it essential to keep the skin dry for optimal adherence. Properly sizing the opening of the flange is another crucial aspect, as it must snugly fit around the stoma without suffocating it. Maggie recommends using stoma guides or retaining the backing of a well-fitting flange to assist in achieving the right fit.

To enhance adhesiveness, Maggie suggests warming up the flange slightly before application. This can be achieved by placing your hands over the flange, using a hairdryer on the cool setting, or utilizing a heating pad. The gentle warmth helps the flange mold to the contours of the skin, promoting better adherence.

Lastly, Maggie advises against letting the pouch become overly full with gas or output. When the pouch becomes too full, the flange can lift off the skin, compromising its adhesiveness. Regularly emptying the pouch helps maintain a secure seal and prevents leaks.


Maggie’s personal experience with skin breakdown around her stoma prompted her to seek effective solutions, leading her to the Ostoform Seal. By preventing output from reaching the skin beneath the flange, the Ostoform Seal proved to be a valuable tool in preventing skin breakdown and promoting healing. Combined with her practical tips for maintaining optimal adherence and skin health, Maggie’s video serves as a valuable resource for those concerned about skin issues related to their stoma.

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